• The Centre for Open
    and Multimedia Education,
    University of Warsaw

  • The COME UW platform and USOS integration

    Thanks to the integration, you can
    • log into the platform with your PESEL account
    • import users registered in USOS to the platform
    • export grades from the platform directly to USOS

  • Languages on the COME UW platform

    • online language courses
    • online language placement tests
    • online language remedial courses
    • online mock certification exams

  • The IBIZA
    (Interdisciplinary Database
    of Academic e-Courses) project

    • model online courses in various fields of science
    • new tailored courses offered on a semester or yearly basis

  • EduAkcja

    www.eduakcja.eu ›
    Indexed Electronic Education Magazine



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The digital future of universities - read our blog

Posted on 2018-02-05

Have a look at our blog! The latest entry is dedicated to the digital future...

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Flagi polska i ukraińska oraz loga instytutów

Online examination in Polish as a Foreign Language

Posted on 2018-02-01

There are examiners on one side of the screen and examinees on the other and a computer inbetween...
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Zagłosuj na najlepsze projekty

Choose a project in The UW Participatory Budget

Posted on 2018-01-18

The first in the history of UW Participatory Budget has gained a lot of attention of the...

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